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Kindle (7th Generation)

I just thought this would be an exciting little spotlight feature regarding a particular birthday present: a KINDLE (7th edition) For a book reviewer, this is THE best gift and I now feel a brief review is in order of the device itself!

I love how light it feels when it’s in your hand and the general feel of the kindle itself – great modern look! It’s brilliant to use during the morning commute, especially if there’s not much room on the train/tube! Easy to hold in one hand, and due to the highly responsive touch-screen, turning pages are a doddle.


– Having followed the user guide found on the kindle, it was relatively easy to pick up the basic controls. I’m still mastering how you go about buying books through your kindle as there are lots of options to choose from in the drop-down menu!
– Overall, as we’re a pretty tech-savvy nation now (my mum had a kindle years ago!), I think the kindle is exceptionally easy to use as soon as it turns on.
– Even though my kindle doesn’t light up when I use it, I personally prefer this as you feel like you’re reading an actual book, just in a black frame!One option I wasn’t expecting to find was ‘x-ray‘. I love how you can use this option to pull up sections of text linking to a particular term or character (plus lots of other things). It did make me wish I’d invested in a kindle during university – dissertation research would have been a lot quicker!
– I also enjoy the ability to search for a word you don’t know the meaning of, and then save it in a list. Great reference area!

– I think the option to have automatic book updates is also extremely beneficial, as it means any changes to books that have new editions published are inserted in to your previously bought text!

– I love how kindle automatically asks you about your Goodreads account and wants to link up with it. For me, this makes reviewing a lot more efficient, as goodreads is a main site that I use to promote this blog! (So friend me!)

I have the 4GB kindle. Apparently it can hold thousands of books, so can’t wait to fill up my library!


– I already love the fact that kindle books are so much cheaper than paperbacks on Amazon. I may have already bought quite a few… It is relatively easy to purchase books via the kindle. It shows you daily and monthly deals, charts for both free and paid-for books. Personally, I like buying my books through the amazon website which automatically syncs my purchases with my kindle. I find it quicker to see multiple books that way (plus I don’t have 3G). 

Overall 5 stars for a brilliant product. If you don’t have one, you need to grab one NOW! 


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