Author Q&A

Joy Jennings on ‘I’m Not Your “Baby”

Tell us about your memoir:

My book is a raw and dark personal memoir about a tortured life of sexual harassment and assault in Australia. It wasn’t inspired by any other author or book, just a truth that needed to be told and the deep desire to help other women and girls. I wrote it with the hope of being able to help other women, especially young women who can learn from my mistakes and to teach them how to protect themselves against male predators. It is even a larger hope that it can bring about new male attitudes and behaviours, especially in Australia, although it is needed worldwide. I can only tell my truth and bring awareness to a problem that is escalating in our society, a problem that desperately needs to change.

It has taken two years to write. Every paragraph brought forth old demons that were extremely difficult to re-live and there were a few emotional set-backs. Added to the mental, emotional and physical drain it all had on me, there were also some writing challenges I faced, one being that this is my first book. However I struggled through it and now am very proud of the final result.

Being such a personal and challenging memoir to write, I don’t have any immediate plans to write another book, but I am only starting phase two of my life, so we shall have to see what happens.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

If I have any advice to give anyone, it would be to find your voice and speak up. If you have a story to tell then tell it, and if anyone is assaulting or harassing you, report them! Learn from my mistakes and don’t remain silent.
I only wished there was a book like this around when I was a young women. It would have helped save me from a world of confusion and endless suffering.

Joy’s book is available to buy on Amazon in both print and e-book form. A review will follow shortly!


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