2015 · Fantasy · Fiction · Humour · Review Request · Romance · YA

Down the Wormhole (Wormhole #1), Ana Franco (*)

WormholePublished: 2015 by Author | 173 Pages | Review Request

Medusa is a nice girl, Aphrodite is empowering, Loki vanished on thin air, Isis doesn’t have a memory and Anubis is the only sane one. Join them all in an adventure that mixes the styles of ABC’s Once Upon A Time and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson. What this can possibly mean? Why, chaos, of course!

‘Down the Wormhole’ is a review request from the lovely Ana Franco. If you want to read about angsty teenagers who are secret Gods, with a bit of love and combat, this is the book for you!

Now this is totally out of my comfort zone for reading genres, but I actually found myself getting in to it. I’m not the hottest on my Greek Gods, and I did get a little confused initially (even though there was a comprehensive explanation of all the Gods before the actual story began!)

I found all the characters quite interesting. Admittedly they could be more developed but for a first book I thought it was excellent. I really enjoyed the fact that Franco managed to capture the moody, over-confident side of teenagers. I like the fact that the four/five ‘gods’ accidentally seem to fall into a friendship circle together. The two supposedly evil characters Eris and Set were portrayed well and their unbalanced relationship is maintained throughout the plot. I enjoyed how Franco used the original stories of the Gods she chose for this book as a platform for creating key differences between characters. You can definitely tell Set is God of storms, violence etc. as he is portrayed as an aggressive brute throughout. The overall plot was easy to follow and the reader was immersed in the God’s world with ease.

The only section of the text which I felt was slightly uncomfortable reading was where Kitty had a baby. I suppose you could argue that Franco is actually reflecting reality pretty accurately here, and this section rounds off the plot due to Eris’ need for Kitty and Andrew’s love child.

Finally, something that could possibly affect the reading experience are Ana’s language skills. In my personal opinion, Franco has managed to write a book in a different language from her native tongue which needs to be commended. I think if you are enjoying the book, any error are easy to ignore.

Overall, it was an enjoyable, quick and easy read. And considering it is FREE on kindle, I would definitely give it a go! A 3 star read for me!


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