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Guest Post by Mike Kelley : The Origins of Faith

One of the things which made Dan Brown’s book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ so successful, was the perceived revelation that Jesus was married. In my book ‘The Origins of Faith’ I feel I have achieved a similar shockingly perceived revelation; namely that the Jews do not have and never did have a divine right to the land of Palestine. This in itself should get people reading, to find out for themselves why I have said, what some would claim, such a shocking statement.

When Jacques Gendron became one of the many victims of Radical Islam, he set out to find out why his life had been so badly torn apart. He had no idea where his quest would lead, nor of the affect his findings would have, not only on himself, but on the world in general. Unwittingly Jacques would be part instigator of a tidal wave, which he had no means of controlling.

It is simply amazing how events of the distant past, some of them long forgotten, can and do still affect our lives to this day. The Origins of Faith, will shock and disturbed many, yet others will see it as enlightening. In his quest to find answers Jacques finds the words of Voltaire to be true, ‘Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities.’

Given the right amount of publicity this book could become one of the world’s best sellers. If at the moment you doubt that statement, wait until you have read this book.


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