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Q&A with Ohio writer Tiffany McDaniel

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Tiffany McDaniel, Author

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m an Ohio poet and novelist who loves Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and chocolate cake.

What was your inspiration behind ‘The Summer that Melted Everything’?

The novel started first as a title.  It was one of those Ohio summers that I just felt like I was melting, and thus the title was born.  I always say what inspires me are the characters themselves.  I very much feel like they’re real people and I’m merely the vessel through which they travel to get into our world.  So the characters inspire me to tell their truths as honestly as I can.

Who is your favourite character from your latest release? 

I love all the characters, but I will say one of my favourite characters to write from The Summer that Melted Everything was Sal himself.  He’s the one come to answer the invitation inviting the devil to town.  Sal was interesting to write because I was in essence writing dialogue for Lucifer, and it’s not often you get to write conversation and thought for the fallen angel himself.

Can you describe ‘The Summer that Melted Everything’ in 5 words?

The devil comes to town.

Where can people get hold of it?

They can learn more about me and The Summer that Melted Everything on my website: and here they can find the links to Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, and Amazon.  As well as links to Waterstones and other retailers for the UK and foreign editions.  You can also find the links to the audio book versions as well on my website.  Readers can also contact me directly through my website.  Having that connection to readers is very important to me.  Readers are the ones with all the power.  No author becomes a true novelist on her own.  It comes down to readers fueling any success there may be.  I only hope readers like the novel.  That they can close the book and be happy to have spent some time with me and The Summer that Melted Everything.


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