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Match Me If You Can, Michele Gorman

MatchMePublished: 2016 by Avon | Pages: 416

Catherine’s ex-husband and business partner drops a bombshell over their Chardonnay: he’s about to marry his twenty-three year old girlfriend. Catherine has bras that are older than his new fiancée, yet he’s about to install her in Catherine’s beloved matchmaking business.

Meanwhile, architect Rachel is battling romantic mistake, James, to win their firm’s biggest project. So when she joins Catherine’s website, RecycLove.com, where everyone recycles an ex for the chance of an upgrade, she knows just who she’s going to trade in.

And it’s time for homebody baker, Sarah, to stop worrying about everyone else for a change. She reluctantly joins RecycLove.com with Rachel, but as minor adjustments to improve her chances turn into a complete overhaul, will her newfound popularity be worth the sacrifices she’s making?

So I nabbed this book during a visit home to see my parents after finding my life in the ‘single-lane’. Overall, I was intrigued by the prospect of internet dating both in literary form and in my actual life, so I thought this book was the perfect read for me.

I could really relate to our 3 main girl’s; Catherine, Sarah and Rachel. Based in a London house-share (like me), 3 singletons (like my housemates and I) are attempting internet dating. PERFECT! Admittedly, this did read as your stereotypical chick-lit novel, but who doesn’t LOVE a good chick-lit after a recent break-up? (Hands up!)

There was a real sense of honesty throughout the book. Gorman encompassed multiple emotions to really draw the reader in. I really enjoyed the contrast between the opening fun, light-hearted prose and then the reality of Sarah’s life. By involving a sister with medical issues, Gorman settles the tone and reminds her readers that the majority of people are dealing with more than one emotional issue on a daily basis. Gorman manages to balance the seemingly crazy, unpredictable world of dating for Sarah, with her sisterly love and affection for Sissy.

Generally Gorman’s writing style is really easy to read. Definitely not high-brow literature, but very enjoyable. I’d say this was an excellent holiday read for bookworms!

Gorman uses her characters to highlight various elements of relationships. Sarah & Sissy prove that the love of a sister and being content in life can be as satisfying as having romantic relationships. Catherine brings to the light the issue of divorces, new partners etc. This really shows how quickly relationships can be turned on their head in a second. But it also proves that you need to love yourself before throwing yourself into a relationship.

A quick note regarding Catherine’s dating agency: I love the basic idea of it (don’t worry, no spoilers!). In some respects I think this could be related to mindfulness – so on trend right now!

To sum up, this is a brilliant, light hearted, fun run read which delves into the world of online dating. Something no doubt all of us will attempt at some point in our lives. (I don’t think it’s for me however…) Definitely worth a read!


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