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How to Be Both, Ali Smith

Published: 2014 by Penguin | Pages: 376 | RAD Book Club Book #3 How to be both is a novel all about art’s versatility. Borrowing from painting’s fresco technique to make an original literary double-take, it’s a fast-moving genre-bending conversation between forms, times, truths and fictions. There’s a renaissance artist of the 1460s. There’s the… Continue reading How to Be Both, Ali Smith

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The Buried Giant, Kazuo Ishiguro

Published: 2015 by Knopf | Pages: 317 | RAD Book Club Book #5 “You’ve long set your heart against it, Axl, I know. But it’s time now to think on it anew. There’s a journey we must go on, and no more delay…” The Buried Giant begins as a couple set off across a troubled… Continue reading The Buried Giant, Kazuo Ishiguro

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Perfume, Patrick Suskind

Published: 1987 by Penguin | Pages: 263 | RAD Book Club Book #2 In eighteenth-century France there lived a man who was one of the most gifted and abominable personages in an era that knew no lack of gifted and abominable personages. His name was Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, and if his name has been forgotten today,… Continue reading Perfume, Patrick Suskind

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Elizabeth is Missing, Emma Healey

Published: 2015 by Penguin | Pages: 275 | RAD Book Club Book #4 ‘Elizabeth is missing’, reads the note in Maud’s pocket in her own handwriting. Lately, Maud’s been getting forgetful. She keeps buying peach slices when she has a cupboard full, forgets to drink the cups of tea she’s made and writes notes to… Continue reading Elizabeth is Missing, Emma Healey

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We are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler

Published:  2014 by Serpent’s Tail | Pages: 336 | RAD Book Club Book #1 Meet the Cooke family. Our narrator is Rosemary Cooke. As a child, she never stopped talking; as a young woman, she has wrapped herself in silence: the silence of intentional forgetting, of protective cover. Something happened, something so awful she has… Continue reading We are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler