Review Policy

Please note review requests are currently not being taken until 1st April 2017 due to extremely high demand!

My reviews are based on my own views and opinions, and sometimes include either a quotation from publicity material for the text or theory linked to my English Literature degree. If you disagree with my points, that’s absolutely fine! This is a free world, we’re all entitled to our opinions, and why not start a discussion about it? Fair discussion never hurt anyone!

Review Requests:

I am happy to review nearly any type of literature available whether that is published, or unpublished, print or digital.

Genres I am NOT interested in: strong religious text, spiritualist, erotica, science fiction, mystery, poetry, crime, sport, biographies and political.

Please note: Some self-published or independently published books may be declined due to a high demand for reviews.

To contact me regarding review requests, interview requests, press etc. click here.

NOTE: I work full-time, and tend to blog during weekends or work holidays. Please be patient regarding your reviews. I will only contact you if I am interested in reviewing your material / conducting an interview. If you have not had a response in 3 weeks, you have been unsuccessful.

Review Structure:
A picture of the cover on alternating sides.

– Blurb found on the back of the book.

– My review : This will vary in length. If I have really enjoyed the book, the review will cover multiple topics, if not it will be short and to the point.

– Some reviews may be linked to the Royal Academy of Dance Book Club previously run by myself and my manager during the working week. NB. Anything found on the RAD website belongs to the RAD.

– I might add the odd link in to the post for any author profiles or adaptations of the book etc.

Rating Structure:

If it is not found within the review, my rating can be found on my goodreads page.

– 5 Stars: Absolutely loved it! Will read again and will recommend to people.

– 4 Stars: Enjoyed it, but didn’t have the wow-factor.

– 3 Stars: An average read, but enjoyable.

– 2 Stars: Didn’t really like, some aspects saved it.

– 1 Star: Didn’t like or enjoy, but finished reading.

– No Stars: Did not finish.

If any reference to my blog is used please refer to it as ‘A Cheeky Book Addict’s Thoughts!’ and refer to myself as Sophie.

Thank you very much, and Happy Reading!